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Web Design Vs Web Development

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Colour Psychology 

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Champions weren’t born champions. They were born babies.

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Where #Europe lives

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Empathise → Define → Ideate → Prototype → Test

personalised services that customers find they cannot live without
Strategic Deposit Pricing: Using Advanced Analytics to Optimize Margin and Volume
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The #UX Designer Paradox. #uxd #uxdesign

Being a CEO is a tough job. You have many stakeholders, continuous challenges, and a wide range of things to think about. And the idea of the CEO as “boss” no longer applies. Instead, the most effective CEOs will need to start thinking of themselves as digital leaders. It’s your job to push the organization to stay focused, to experiment, to innovate, and to scale through standard platforms. These principles are fundamental to success in the disruptive years ahead.
Digital Leadership Is Not an Optional Part of Being a CEO (via excerpta-via-kkoolook)
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